Illustrator whitespace project 2017

Sarang Love Leehan

Computer scientist. Cheap coffee drinker. Lover of colour.

A doodle of yours truly

About Me

I've recently finished a degree in Computer Science at the University of Canterbury. I'm especially fascinated by people and how they think, and so I get pretty excited about Human and Computer Interaction, Interactive Design and UX Design. Currently, I work with the Computer Science Education Research Group at UC, creating ways to make Computer Science fun and exciting for children. If you want, have a gander at what we do.

I really like colour, but you'll probably find that I mostly wear clothes in all the different tints and shades of black and white and the occasional blue. I also play cello fairly well, starting a bachelor degree in music when I was fifteen years old, and have played in concerts and competitions both nationally and internationally.

I also drink a lot of cheap coffee. Typically, it's one of those Korean instant coffees where each serving comes individually packaged. If I don't have any of those lying around, I generally take my coffee black. If I want to treat myself, I'll order a chai latte with a shot of espresso.

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